Monday, July 13, 2015

My Testimony on HB 3785 and 837 - 4-28-2015

 I had meant to post the video for the hearing the Public Health Committee held, chaired by Myra Crownover.  70 people testified in favor of the bills, not ONE person testified against it, yet Rep. Crownover REFUSED to allow a vote on ANY of the bills heard that night. A true travelsty of justice! The only good development is that Rep. Crownover has decided not to run again. Thank goodness for that!

Published on Jun 25, 2015
Romana Monroe Harrison testimony before the Texas Public Health Committee on 4-28-2015 representing herself . Myra Crownover refuse to bring these two bills before the committee for a vote effectively killing any chance for passage. As a result many thousands of people will suffer and some will die needlessly. Hear their testimony that she heard and then you will understand the coldness and evilness of that decision by Myra Crownover.