Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Post

Greetings, and thanks for reading.
I don't expect many folks to come here, but if you have found your way, then welcome.. and I hope this blog will be another voice out there, added to the chorus of others.  Which is tragic actually.. that my voice needs to be here at all.. and that it needs to join others... even more tragic.

I dedicate this blog to those that have gone before, and those I am sorry to say will come after.  In particular I want to thank Enemy On The Wire bloggers Joan and Brigid for their courage to tell their story with such rawness and passion.  I spent the past two days reading their blog, and it has helped a lot to read their journey as I begin mine.

I'll start telling my story here, as they have told theirs.  I have a long ways to go, but my Vet Center doc says that speaking our truth is very important.. and so is journaling. So.. this blog will serve as both. I can only hope that one day, it might help just one person as Joan and Brigid have helped me.
Post one, over and out...


  1. Thank you so very much dear Swan.. glad to have you and your support here!

  2. Welcome, Myst, to the wonderful world of blogging! Thank you for linking your new blog to ours - it is a pleasure to have you out here with us!

    I will tell you what the blogger who inspired us at EnemyintheWire told us...

    Each of us plants a seed - each seed becomes a flower. Each flower produces more seeds and all of the flowers together make a garden. A single flower is easy to over look...a garden full of flowers - the whole world takes notice.

    Welcome to the garden!!

    Peace and Blessings