Friday, April 29, 2016

Another New Postion...

Greetings Friends and Readers....

So, it is now official.. I have taken on the roll of Houston NORML's Veteran Outreach Director.  I am very happy and excited to be able to take another step towards uniting Texas Veterans. Here is my post of plan and list of goals that I posted to the Houston NORML Veterans group:

Hello all... I wanted to say howdy as your new Veterans Outreach Director. And thank Christopher Sum for all his hard work and dedication. He put on one heck of a Veteran's conference last year that was incredible!!! I hope to continue his excellence.
Towards that.. these is my plan and the goals I have developed for Houston NORML veterans...
My plan as Veteran Outreach Director is to create a strong and united group of cannabis activist veterans in the Houston and local outlaying areas. Finding leaders in those outlaying areas to assist in carrying out the following goals is also a part of the plan.
My goal is to create a strong and active core of veteran cannabis activists that would be trained to:
1. Speak about Operation Trapped to local veteran groups and appropriate organizations
2. Work Operation Trapped displays at Houston NORML events to collect signatures and bottles.
3. Help veterans prepare their bios and practice preparing for lobbying and testifying.
3. Train teams of veterans to go speak to their local representatives as veterans about how cannabis affects their lives.
4. Work on a plan to bring as many Houston veterans as desire to go to Austin and talk to members of the Veterans Committee,
and their own legislators, about how cannabis helps them.
5. Work on a plan to help as many veterans as possible to go to Austin in 2017 to testify before any relevant hearings.
6. Come up with other ideas to help further the cause in any way that we can.- Please let me know any ideas YOU veterans have out there! We are a team!
Wish list:
I would love for Houston to have a Houston NORML Veterans banner for parades and events for us and our supporters to identify us and to march behind.
I would like for us to have Houston NORML Veterans bracelets, pins (bigger pins!) and T-shirts etc.
I would love to see us develop some Operation Trapped gear as well to support the cause.
All veterans need each other in this fight. Not all of us can do this, but some of us can. Those veterans that can't go to Austin, can write and call their legislators and committee members and still help us all out. We veterans have been told that we are the ones that can help enlighten our legislators. It is also very therapeutic to participate in the process of bringing justice to veterans and our fellow citizens here in Texas. We understand Esprit de Corps!
Here is the link to Operation Trapped:
I look forward to Houston Veterans becoming a force for Austin to recognize and be accountable too. Time for this to end! Please join me in marching us forward!!!!

I included a link to here.. so if you came from that, welcome!
On another note, myself and fellow MST survivor L head to Austin to walk with Team Hope tomorrow. It will be in memory of Vincent. Only lightening will keep me from it. Then a meeting after with his family.
It already brings me to tears to think of him... and I know he will be with us tomorrow.

Well, I'll update ya'll as things go along...
Over and out,

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