Friday, February 17, 2017

Manya's triggering letter

Greeting Friends and Readers,

At the end of my last post I had planned to come back then and write about her. But it was more then I could handle at the time, so I have delayed it to now. Sick in bed with a nasty cold, and having had a good session with Crystal, it is time to move this out of me to share with ya'll.

Manya and I have been friends since we were 19 and based on NTTC Corry Station in Pensacola Fl. We were 'suite' mates. We shared a living room with 3 rooms with 3 ladies off of it in the enlisted barracks.  We saved each others lives several times over the decades.

As this blog has related, I finally came forward and have been getting treatment for the things that happened, but Manya hasn't.  She has only gotten more isolated from any sort of relationship,  I have been talking to her about stepping forward and getting treatment for her PTSD. She has lost all trust in humanity.  I can certainly understand why. After you read this letter, you will see into the pain of an untreated MST survivor.  Her own words can say more then I can.  She has been dealing with this alone (except for myself and 2 other friends). Now, she is finally contemplating coming forward and getting the help that she so desperately needs.

She has finally told her mother what happened. But she is still afraid of treatment. I continue to pray for her and talk with her weekly.  She writes me a couple of times a week and I generally call her back.  This letter triggered me terribly.  I needed a session with Crystal to deal with it, and to continue to help my friend. I asked her if I could post this letter here and she said yes as no one would ever know that it was her.  So, here it is..


Heartbreaking. Her rage is deafening.
I love my friend, and I ask for prayers for her...

Over and out,

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