Thursday, June 7, 2012

Manya's Quote

I wanted to do a quick post about the quote below my blog title here.  It's from my Navy buddy Manya.   When I had my breakdown.. and I called her to ask her what she remembered about our time in the Navy, what she remembered that I had told her about my attack on NAS FW, and if she could write me a support letter for my disability. She was very happy too. And that quote.. is one of the things that she said to me during that conversation.  
 "We served in ways we should have never had to. It was supposed to be peacetime, but they brought war to us"  I told that to Dr.Vickie.. and she teared up.  She said that was so very very true.  

that's all.. just wanted to explain that... I owe Manya my life and sanity in many ways over the 30 odd years since we were in our early 20's as sailors together.

I appreciate all my friends, and those that have stood by me.  
over and out,

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  1. Myst -

    Thank God for amazing sisters! Brigid and I are the same as you and Manya. "Sisters" that will support one another through thick and thin.

    Manya's quote is amazing - and she is exactly right. I have always maintained that PTSI due to MST IS combat PTSI. We are fighting a war...but our enemy in "in the wire."