Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Baaack!


I have returned from my 30 days in California and am back ready to write some.  

First, the rest of the trip was quite awesome. I got to see my cousin B, and that was a lot of fun.  Then I got to see my beloved Uncle J and his son, my cousin B.  There were some shocking family revelations that brought us all much closer together, and my cousin has offered to help with my dental problems, and my friend I was staying with, C, lives just about 30 mins from them (which by LA standards is very close) and she said I was more then welcome to stay with her as long as I need once my cousin starts to do surgery to rebuild my messed up jaw.  Ouch....

And.. one of the most awesome part of the entire visit, was hunting down Endeavor.  
And we found it.. at 2:30 in the morning, we watched her roll out of LAX with a few hundred other folks. It was truly amazing!  We watched for a couple hours and finally got home and was in bed at around 5am.  

 That night, I took the train back to Houston. I boarded at 10pm Fri nite, and arrived back at 11:10 am on Sunday morning. I had my own little 'roomette' and I loved it!  I went up to the dining car to eat, but other then that, I stayed in my room, enjoying the solace and view of the wild west going by.  

To catch up since I've been back.

I had my appointment at the Houston VA with the ear, nose and throat docs.  They diagnosed me with sever TMJ on both sides of my jaw.  And I got to explain to two male doctors about how it happened.  They were very nice, but in the end, they told me to go get some ibprophene, a night guard and a private dentist.  Geee, thanks guys! The only good part was the official diagnoses and that it was service connected. 

The following Mon I saw my new psychiatrist again.  The Zoloft didn't arrive till almost two weeks into my trip so I hadn't taken it yet when I went to see her. 
I've been on it for a week now, and so far I am feeling disconnected, having a harder time thinking clearly and terrible night sweats. Ugggh.  I much prefer my CA medicine of cannabis for my PTSD. (that all my docs in CA fully supported, including the ones at the VA and Vet Center, even if they couldn't 'officially' sanction it, they certainly did 'off the record'). But being here in TX now makes that very dangerous and that also really, really pisses me off.   

The psyc doc wasn't happy with the ENT docs, and she put in a prescription for the ibprophene 
as she said it wasn't fair for me to have to pay for everything.  I got the night-guard at the grocery store and it feels weird but I know its helping me with my teeth. My dear cousin in CA (whose been an orthodontist and dentist for 27 years) has said he'd help with my teeth, and I'll need to go back to CA for treatment when I'm ready.  But  new X-rays would be good and my psyc doc is trying to get my general practitioner to take them to have a visual record of my TMJ.  Bless her heart, she's trying to save me some $$.  She is really wonderful and very supportive.

When I got back, I contacted one of the other ladies in my MST group to find out when the next meeting was, and what our assignment was.  She told me and I got all caught up.  

It was good to be back at group, and we have a new member.  A nice lady, L whom is also from CA.  She was in the Air Force and had a very ugly time of it also.  

Our assignment was to do a 'progress report' of sorts as C, our new group leader and therapist at the Vet Center wanted us to be able to look and see what progress we had made.  I'll do a post about that next.

Otherwise, socially, I've tended to want to isolate some.  I loved the trip, but there was soooo much going on all the time, and so many people with almost no time to be alone.  Its been wonderful to be back in my TX home with my partner and seeing a few friends.

Tonight is Halloween, our first in the new house here.  We live in a nice little subdivision that seems to have quite a few kids, so we'll see what tonight brings.  

So, that's about it for now. Its great to be back home for sure!

Over and out,


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