Thursday, April 23, 2015

Texas House Decrim Bill Hearing and Med Bill Hearing Updates!

So, HERE IS THE VIDEO from the Decrim Hearings on April 8, 2015. It's kinda scary to see some of the bills being presented before ours. Some interesting stuff for sure. 

The 'Joint Panel' (To quote Chairman Dutton) of starts at about 4:03 (that is four hours into the testimony), which was 3 decrim bills, and 1 prohibition repeal bill. I testified for two,HB 507 decrim, and HB 2165 prohibition repeal, or as he called it, David Simpson's Medical Bill. My panel of 4 witnesses, starts at around 6:16, I am the second one to testify. Ann Lee's panel (with Sheriff Louderbaker,not to be missed) is next followed by a panel with William Martin. I'll be isolating the clips this weekend I hope. But it's excellent watching, and learning. And the closing addressing is great. Watch it all if you have the time, I will again.

Annnd, we got word earlier this evening, that the Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Bills will get a hearing on Tue.  So I just got home today, and I'll be going back on Mon after my PTSD group.  I am so very relieved that I don't have to spend the next two years pissed that we didn't get a hearing.  I called Representatives on the Jurisprudence Committee today and asked them to please vote it out of Committee so it can go to Calender's Committee to be scheduled for a vote.  

I also called everyone on the Public Health Committee again and asked them to please schedule a vote.  I will be sending them thank you cards tomorrow! I will also be getting my folders ready for the committee.  It feels good to be moving forward.  

 I did make a leap of faith and reserved a room for Mon-Thur next week just in case we got the hearing, and we did! I am planning to stay an extra day, planning that it will get voted out of committee and so then I can go lobby the calenders committee members, and also the Jurisprudence Committee if they haven't voted it out of committee by the time I get there.  I will hope that they will. 

Well, that's it for tonight, it's late and I didnt' sleep well last night. Was great to get home today. 

Over and out,

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