Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome and Reposting some Links for Newcomers

Welcome Friends and Readers,

Well.. so.. now I am.. out of my own closet.  I have put my name here. GULP... but I do it for myself, and for others.  For the Legislators and their staffs that I hope will come here, you gotta know who I am and that I am a resident of the Great State of Texas.  

First... here is a link to: The Invisible War

... I wrote much about it lower down, but for ease here it is easy to find.  Please take a moment and watch the trailer.  It sets the stage for who I am, and what happened to me, and my survival of the Invisible War. It was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary two years ago.  The producer has been here, and sent me some Invisible War dog tags, for myself, and for the ladies in my group. I wear it when I have to go do 'battle' for justice.

The next, is a link to "Should Grandma Smoke Pot". 

Which  I include, cuz yeah, she did while she was free to.  This is in memory of my Grandma Ruth who intervened alongside my Uncle with me, because I was about to follow my brother into death from alcohol alone, they wanted me to use cannabis instead, and it saved my life. If Ruth could have put something together, it would be like this.   Most importantly,it shows Irv Rosenfeld, and he talks about the prescription can of 300 joints a month that the FEDs have been sending him for THIRTY years.  Yes, you read that right, 300 joints a month, for 30 years.  From the Feds.  Prescription. Watch the video, even if you think you fully disagree with it!  See it with your own eyes!  

I am now gearing up to go to PACT day on Feb 24th and then I want to spend the week in Austin at the Capitol Building Educational Exhibit - TRMP Coalition.

Back when I first came forward, and I had my first Vet Center doc, Dr. L, and I was so shocked that I had broken down to the degree that I could no longer work. She had me file for disability. I remember so clearly saying to her "But doc, I"ve worked since I was 14, I don't know how to NOT work! And she replied "You've always done volunteer work in addition to your paid work, so now, just see it that the Govt is paying you to do volunteer work when are you well enough to do it. Use the opportunity to do the good works you never had time for in the past becuse of how hard you worked for so many years,  And, she was right, I did literacy tutoring for years, and then in my last 15 working years, I also did hospice volunteer work. I didn't feel at the moment like I could even keep my head up. But now, a couple of years later, in this Legislative year, I have had to come back. I knew it was coming and I used last year to travel and prepare, and I have hit the groundrunning. This is my way of turning a negative into a positive.

I have lost dear friends whom opiates have killed, who alcohol has killed, who cancer has 
killed. I believe medical cannabis could have saved their lives. Cannabis - it DOESN'T KILL. An 'over dose' can make you shaky and or sleepy, and perhaps scared if you are someplace its illegal. But... none of that will kill you. Stopping smoking cannabis.. some irritability, some difficult sleeping maybe. A return of the terrible symptoms you were using itffor-most likely. When folks ask 'are you addicted?', I'd say not anymore then I am to my cholesterol pills, or other meds the VA gives me to keep me healthy. I would surely BE addicted if I used the pain pills the VA would give me for my smashed jaw and ankle. So myanswer is a hearty NO, I am not. What I AM, is alive and functioning, and being able to stand up and help others too!

I have listened to folks rag on California's medical program. Having lived in a medical state, I watched things get better first hand. I watched the dealers disappear, I watched empty buildings get filled. I watched the community come together to help each other. On the app Weedmaps, folks reviewed different dispensaries, and any that were shady quickly died cuz no one would use them.
Some of the larger dispensaries held cooking classes, had free massages for patients, has support groups for veterans and a wide variety of illnesses. It was NOT the horrible mess folks who have never lived there say it is. yes, you can get a recommendation for it for just about anything, because it HELPS just about everything. The security guards at the dispensaries loved working there as opposed to bars. They said folks never fight, were polite, and no one puked on them. Once you have lived in it, you see the reality. Folks who use cannabis are the easiest to arrest. Mellow, and as the guards said, often very polite. We are easy money for them. Things in Colorado have gotten better, not worse. All crime is down, teen use down, drunk driving down - and taxes are up so much the state may be giving refunds! It's time to stop destroying lives of patients and families because the police and sheriff's don't wanna lose their easy meal ticket!!!
I also do this in memory of my grandma Ruth... she was a retired school principle, and she was always furious that the Govt's lies had made her a criminal for using cannabis.  I am a 3rd generation medical cannabis user.  Well, I guess more then that, because many times Grandma Ruth told me the story of when she was about 12, and her family doctor had to tell Great Grandma that he was very sorry, but that he couldn't give her the cannabis or hemp oils the he brought her every month, and had for as long as Grandma could remember.  Great Grandma used it for everything from muscle spasms, teething, colicky babies, 'lady problems' (aka menstrual cramps) irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and a whole host of  both internal and external illness's.  The Doc had to tell her that marijuana had been made illegal, and Great Grandma said she didn't want any of that marywana stuff, but she wanted her cannabis.  Doc told her that it was the same thing, and Grandma said there wasn't anything wrong or dangerous with cannabis.  The Doc agreed, and said that a bureaucrat had pulled the wool over the eyes of the Washington crowd.  It was a big upset, and really had some drastic consequences on my grandma's family.  The discussion was so loud and passionate that Grandma says it made a huge impression on her. And Great Grandma, lost all confidence in anything the Govt was involved with after that.  
So my Grandma, and my Uncle, who was a very successful aviation engineer used it, as well as my biological father, who used it for his Parkesons, and to get off alcohol, he had damaged his liver past surviving, and when he moved to N. Carolina in his latter years, he had no access to it, and the drugs didn't help, but toxified him.  So I am a multi generational medical cannabis user.  
I want to have control of my life, I don't want to be a zombie.  I'd prefer to be doing hospice volunteer work, but I will keep in this battle until it is won.
Thanks for coming and reading.  Please leave a comment if you are so inclined.
I'll keep posting as this journey continues, just like my doc wants me too.
God  Bless you everyone.. and God Bless Texas, and the USA.
Over and out,

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