Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Operation Trapped

Greetings Friends and Readers....
It has been a while and much has gone on! First, the above graphic for Operation Trapped.  It is a movement here in Texas, led by Texas NORML's (Retired) Major Bass. The first past is this letter to Gov Abbot, which Texas veterans are signing in droves...

Honorable Gov. Greg Abbott,
 I’m writing today to request an in‐person meeting with you and a group of Texas veterans who advocate for a more inclusive medical marijuana program and currently use cannabis to treat post‐traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and chronic pain related to injuries suffered while serving our country. Our veterans choose to use cannabis as an alternative medication to narcotic pain medications and psychotropic drugs. The medications prescribed by our Veterans Administration (VA) doctors for chronic pain are addictive and dangerous, and the psychotropic drugs prescribed for PTSD have terrible side effects. Many veterans in Texas and around the country testify that cannabis is more effective and safer than the current pharmaceutical drugs used to treat our injuries. 

Thousands of Texas veterans who have served in every war dating back to the Korean War choose cannabis as medication. We are taxpayers, voters, homeowners, and law‐abiding citizens who believe that we have earned the right to make informed decisions about our health. Establishing an inclusive medical marijuana program, strictly regulated by the state, will allow veterans to stop purchasing our medication from questionable sources and to use cannabis safely under the supervision of our doctors. Veterans Health Administration Directive 2011‐004 dated January 31, 2011, directs VA doctors in the twenty‐three states with medical marijuana programs to treat veterans legally certified to use medical marijuana as any other patient with a non‐VA prescription. This directive recognizes that medical marijuana is a valid medication and that state laws allowing it should be respected.
 We know that the citizens of Texas support our right to choose a safe, effective medication for the injuries we sustained while faithfully serving our country. Please work with us to schedule a time to meet in Austin, preferably on Veterans Day 2016.

Respectfully, Major David E. Bass, 
U.S. Army (Retired) 254‐319‐3673 

Operation Trapped is a veteran ­driven campaign to support and rally Texas Veterans who wish to use cannabis legally to treat their service ­related injuries. Veteran signatures indicate support for Major David Bass’ (U.S. Army ­ Retired) request for a meeting with Governor Abbott to discuss medical marijuana access in Texas.

Any Texas veteran can sign the letter 

Information about Operation Trapped and gathering at least 1,000 pill bottles to give to Gov Abbot next veterans day is 


Also, I got my PACT cards, and they look like this:

 I worked a Operation Trapped information and sign up desk here:

It was a wonderful experience!

Now, all this relates directly to my PTSD and my MST. I have had some very heart wrenching conversations with different veterans about this. I have come out of both the canna  closet, and the MST closet. Because my PTSD is different from most military experiences from PTSD, I can give a unique voice to those of us that have survived military sexual trauma, and even more to be able to speak and testify about it. 

I have made and am making more excellent contacts all the time. This therapy IS working for me. If I have to tell my story, and I get choked up... that person realizes it.. and where they may not have been listening much before, they seem to listen much more. I am using my past negative to turn into a positive for our whole state, hopefully the nation!  Voting is upon us, and next year the lobbying starts all over again.  Working all this through gives me a peace of mind I've not had for years. As well as being able to meet and talk with other veterans and MST survivors!  I know I am DOING something!

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