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Earlier today I came across this article and decided to comment on it.. I got a charming response.

Nancy Parrish


Tailhook Whistleblower Demands Congress Investigate Lackland Sexual Assaults

Posted: 07/11/2012 10:30 am
More than 20 years ago, 87 servicewomen were sexually assaulted while serving in the U.S. Navy, in what became known as the "Tailhook scandal." Paula Coughlin-Puopolo was one of the 87.
The Navy Lieutenant reported the incident to senior officers, but they did nothing. So in June 1992 she went public.
President George H.W. Bush said he was appalled and invited Coughlin to the White House. The former president apparently started to cry as Paula shared her story, and he promised a full investigation.
Unfortunately, our military leadership has made no changes to stop this type of predatory criminal behavior. The epidemic of criminal sexual assault and rape within our armed services has only gotten worse. In the Navy's official report about the Tailhook scandal they recommended "intelligent measures to prevent a recurrence." This never happened.
The mission of our military is to protect the American way of life and our freedoms, yet this very mission is compromised by leadership that allows, perpetrates and condones sexual assault on the very members of our armed services.
The military has tried to cover up the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military for decades. The Department of Defense estimates that over 19,000 such incidents occurred in 2010 alone but that only 13.5% of sexual assaults are ever reported. Why? Because victims are often blamed, fear career ending retaliation, and are required to report their assault by fellow soldiers to a superior, not law enforcement or medical personnel. And according to the DoD, of those few who did report, over 75% would not make the same decision about reporting again.
Now, a new criminal scandal at Lackland Air Force Base has put one of America's most disgraceful secrets back in the headlines. At least 31 female trainees at Lackland say they were raped or sexually assaulted by their instructors. Many did not come forward for years out of fear of retaliation from their superiors.

Gen. Edward Rice, commander of the Air Education and Training Command at Lackland, says that the misconduct is not limited to just Lackland and has ordered an investigation into "systemic issues" in the Air Force.
The Department of Defense reports that 1 in 4 young women who join the service will be raped or sexually assaulted and 1% of men. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates over half a million vets have experienced military sexual trauma.
The unfolding scandal at Lackland shows how little has changed since Paula dared to come forward and speak out about the predatory criminal behavior at Tailhook. Unfortunately, there are thousands of similar stories every year in our armed forces, but because of our broken system of military justice -- nothing changes. It is like Groundhog Day.
Paula has decided to speak up again -- starting a petition demanding that the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon hold a congressional hearing about Lackland immediately.

How much longer and how many more of our brave men and women in uniform need to be raped or sexually assaulted before our elected officials do something to end the crisis? The military has proven that it is unable or unwilling to Protect Our Defenders. Congress should open an investigation immediately and then put an end to the "systemic issues" of military rape and sexual assault by legislating fundamental reform.

Our government must do more.


Wisconsin Patriot:
6 hours ago ( 3:08 PM)
The "Tailhook" thing is completely different than what happened at Lackland. At "Tailhook" - it was a private association event. People chose to come there.

What happened in Lackland is much more of an issue, as it was on an active military base with people performing military duties, with clear policies on relationships with trainees.

Also, it takes two to tango and one must also realize lying about sexual assault in the military is not unheard of either - to save your rank and benefits.........when you are busted with misconduct......

My comment:
8 hours ago (12:15 PM)
It's been 35 years since my attacks while in the US Navy. I had hoped that things would have changed by now, but I see that they haven't. I was attacked and raped many times over my 4 years of service. I was told I would be set up for court martial if I ever told. And it was my supervisors on two bases so I had no one else I could report to. The last one also threatened to hurt my friends careers if I did not cooperate. Now I can see the destruction this has caused me all along my life. Time for things to change from the top down!

Reply to comment by: Wisconsin Patriot:

6 hours ago ( 3:13 PM)
You just found out a month ago that you can get VA disability money from the govt if you lie about something, and hoping no one will figure it out since it was 36 years ago.


 Really?  I mean REALLLY????

Geee... thanks...  

I understand that there are some real butt heads out there, and by speaking out and commenting I am taking risks of getting feedback like this.. but gosh.. after all the poo I've been through, to be accused of this???

*shakes head sadly and goes to have some medicine*
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  1. I am a bit late in reading this post & responding. And I rarely respond as I prefer to read the words of those far wiser than I am. However I saw red when I read the response left for Myst & after re-reading it 3 or 4 times because I really couldn't beleive my eyes I found I could not stop my words.

    This attitude is EXACTLY why so many women do not .. did not... report what happened to them. It has been 25 years since I was repeatedly attacked, raped, beaten, held against my will, and had not only my life, my status as a parent & my military carreer threatened.

    In the time since then I have learned to "gloss" over what happened. Even now... when I am supposed to be able to open up & discuss what happened my therepist is more interested in telling me how unreasonable my fears & insecurities are then addressing what caused those fears & insecurities.

    I have learned no one gives a damn. That *I* am the only one I can count on. That *I* must be strong & keep going on because no one else is going to take care of me let alone take care of business.

    I have learned that to share my story means opening myself to the type of attitude displayed by Wisconsin Patriot. I have learned that to open up means being raped all over again.

    Because that is what it is... another rape! Of our dignity... our pride ... and the fragile peace & strength we have gathered around us like a tattered flag.

    I will get off my soapbox now & let wiser (and cooler heads) take over. I will go back to be a quiet shadow in the background watching, learning & hoping that some day I find the light shining at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Dearest Ani...

    Thank you so much for your words here.. this will always be a safe place for you to say or express anything you need too.

    YOU ARE the reason I am here, going through this journey. If not for you.. I'd still be in CA. You are MY Brigid. I am soooo sorry that your counselor sucks!!! I have been blessed to have had two amazingly great Vet Center doc's so far, and am amazing MST support group of Sister Warriors that got my back, as I do my damnedest to have yours.

    I have found a good support circle that does care a lot about what happens to me, and listens. I had a good one back in CA, but here in TX... it is even more so. Doc V was right about the support being really good in this area, even if I still won't go to the WISER Center.....

    Telling our stories, and standing up for the truth is a moment by moment thing hon. Sometimes I feel strong enough, and other times, not so much. Rage... I feel LOTS of F'in rage for dang sure. The attitudes of the 'trolls' out there is something that K has counseled me about begin careful in engaging for my own mental well being. Well. the way I see it.. I am strong enough.. I have support right now.. and K lets me rage all I want while being loving and supporting of any emotions swirling about me. My docs and the Ladies of the Group give me great support and they get as outraged as I. All that allows me to handle these butt heads, and to some degree, expose them. and I get to come back here and be all snarky. *grins*

    I like you on the soap box, and your thoughts have equal value to anyone else's. You have been there and suffered like myself, and Joan and Brigid and all the others of us out there. I hope that you'll keep coming and commenting.. and if you ever want to share your story, these pages are open for you.

    Big hugs and tons of love to you my little Sister Warrior... I know it hurts and rips your heart out ... but please don't give up.. please hang in there. Know that I am out in front, holding the shield and sword on both our behalf's!

    More love and hugs to you...
    over and out,