Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coloring Mandala's

Doc J gave our MST group an assignment at our last meeting, to color some mandala's. I used to love coloring Doodle Arts, and this seems like a good exercise.  I found some others I want to do as well. I read as I looked around about how therapeutic that this sort of exercise is.  And then I found one you can do online. Well, several, but I liked this one a lot, So I am adding it here: Mandalas Coloring Book, and to the resource list. I have been enjoying working on mine.   Hope everyone is having a nice Father's day out there.  Tomorrow is group and I am looking forward to seeing the other ladies and whatever Dr. J has for us.

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  1. Myst -

    This post made me laugh hysterically - and after your other posts...I needed it! (You are a great writer!)

    For those who haven't read my site...I work at a VA Hospital. I am also blessed enough that I get to work with the MST Coordinator. The last coordinator we had knew I was a survivor - in fact, she was the one who encouraged me to get help. Preparing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month...she gave me a Mandala to work on...and I ruined the whole thing! (In fact - we ended up cancelling the display project)

    I sat down with the Mandala at work..truly intent on doing something simple and beautiful. I drew a single road, a fork in the road, and two different paths. One path led to healing and one to destruction. There were little markers on the roads that showed things that I depended on. With pride - knowing I am a lousy artist - I took my work to Dr. M. I explained the whole concept and handed it to her.

    She took it, examined it, and turned it around - then she began to laugh. "Look at what you have done" she said. I took the Mandala from her hands and realized that I had subconsciously created a Vagina with spread legs.

    Then I began to laugh! Yup...that was my last Mandala! Dr. M is gone now, we have a great new rep...Dr. R. However, I will always remember the release of that laughter. Dr. M said she felt bad about it later...but I told her I felt great about it!! As awful as it can be...there can be great healing in laughter.

    Peace and Laughter!!