Monday, June 18, 2012

Writing Assignment

Our MST group is using the book "The Courage to Heal".  While it's about surviving child abuse, it does have some excellent points and tools that relate to PTSD from MST.  A few weeks back Doc J gave the group a writing assignment from it.  To write out what happened to us. Well, I've already done that, so I wrote again, but this time a bit differently. So here's mine:

  It was fast and sudden,
like a snake strike from a puppy.
Stars lit my brain and circled my head.
Pain seared through my body and heart
as he attacked and raped me.
   The secret slammed shut,
like Maxwell's 100 doors.
Escaped with no life to give,
but alive.
Again, but now,
long term.
Power hungry, but not mean,
that was the next one.
Mean like a rabid wolverine,
ready to rip and humiliate.
  Searing pain in mind and heart,
to match the body.
Flying in the sky, the clouds
soft as down, pure as vapor
souring soundlessly, a witness
above my silent screams
so far below.

So, that's it... time to get ready for group... 
Over and out, 

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