Thursday, June 7, 2012

How my Journey started...

For me it started with a virtual friend, Ani.  A Desert Storm veteran who has some pretty horrid things happen to her while in the service and was covered up AND she was booted out unjustly.  As a Reiki Master I had been giving her Reiki in Second Life, and we got to know and share a lot with each other.   She needed help, and I had military secrets too.  I felt like I was the stronger one, and she agreed that if I went to get help, she would too.  I had read about help for veterans who survived military sexual trauma in the service being able to get some services and help.  I had told very very few people some about what had happened to me, and NO one about all that had happened.

 Tthe day I went to go apply for at the VA, it all came crashing down, and via a series of what I can only explain as angelic interventions, making sure I ended up at the local Vet Center.  I'll post that story in more detail another time.  However, I did end up where I needed to be, and the winds of fate have taken over from there.  My whole life and world turned upside down.  I got so wiggy I could no longer do the work with disabled adults I had for over 20 years, so I lost my work as well.. I did file for PTST due to MST in Dec as well.  But at that time, I didn't know anything about a service representative, and I had zero records.  But I what I did have was some amazing friends who remembered, and observed, and were willing to write amazing letters on my behalf.  I also relocated from California to Texas in March, which has caused my file to be sent to Houston. I did get signed up at a local Vet Center, and met a Am Vet rep there who has checked and found my file has arrived here in TX.  But.. she is still waiting for permission to look at it last I knew.  And.. my wonderful new doc here is now leaving, and that means another MST doc.  *sighs*  I hope she is a nice lady.  I was very afraid in relocating that I was going from my first Vet Center doc, the AMAZING Doc Vickie, to someone new here, but I liked Dr. J a whole lot, but now.. she is relocating.  So. I do have some tummy tumbles going over having to get another therapist.  I know that Ani had a very ugly time with her counselor and I am terrified that I'll get someone un-compassionate too.  But I trust Dr. J that she won't just any yahoo come in and ride roughshod over us.  So.. deep breaths...

I added some new links today.  I haven't been able to find any other MST blogs like Enemy in the Wire, but I'll keep looking.  

If you happen to find this blog and know of any good links for me to include, I'd sure appreciate it!
Thanks bunches in advance..

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